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Fitted with a heavy duty 12-volt Piusi diesel pump made in Italy, lockable filli

Code: SQDN200L-Z1

DieselPro range tanks are manufactured with a diesel grade polyethylene that is UV stabilised and impact resistant. Our heavy duty reliable 12V pumps are from Italy, made by Piusi, a world class pump manufacturer. This range also features a lockable filling gap and a lockable pump cover to protect your diesel.

Diesel Transfer Equipment

Key Features
12 volt BP3000 Piusi self-priming pump
45 L/min open flow
Strong double walled pump cover protects the pump
and tank breather from unwanted access
Padlockable pump cover (padlock provided)
Lockable filling cap
Hight quality auto shut-off trigger that mounts at the front of
the tank and has a provision to padlock it
5 m of ¾” delivery hose with swivel and crimped fittings
4 metre wiring harness with alligator clips
Anti static earth strap
8 mm brass inserts to mount unit to a tray
Suction foot screen filter on internal suction line
30 min duty cycle, 30 min on-off


Tank Size 200.00 litres
Pump Size 45.00 L/min
Product Weight 24.00 KG
Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 110 x 64 x 61 cm